Tips & Tricks

The Insider’s Guide To Great Quilting

Are you looking to find out all those great insider tips to make quilting easier and more fun? Read on.

We have put together a collection of useful ideas and techniques to help make your quilting experience more enjoyable and more rewarding.


  • Quilting 101
  • Loading a Quilt onto the Frame
  • Setting the Timing of the Rotating Hook and Care of the Throatplate
  • Tensions - the BIGGIE
  • Direction-Related Variations in Tension
  • Comparison between PRO and 2KN Models
  • Inspecting and/or Replacing the Motor Brushes
  • Replacing a 1-Stitch or Stop/Start Button Switch
  • Simplified Adjustment Procedures for Intellititch Stitch Regulators
  • Dismounting your Nolting from its Table
  • Table Levelling
  • Discussion on Laser Technology
  • Quiltique Zippers and how to attach them
  • Quiltique Extended Throat Plate and how to attach it
  • Quiltique Arm Extenders
  • Tools