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The Quiltique Story

Quitique was established back in 2000 by Mike and Lori Neels who made a fundamental choice to get the right tool for the job.

In researching the options they discovered Nolting which was one of the best-kept secrets of the industry at that stage. This was odd because Fred Nolting invented and developed the whole concept of stand-up quilting in the 1980’s and was a pioneer of the industry. Mike went to America, met and stayed with Fred Nolting, and came home with the New Zealand agency. Lori loved the machine at first sight and developed her skills working on scraps and then on her own quilts. When she felt ready enough she approached Grandmother’s Garden with her business cards. "Good!" said Hazel. "Here - quilt these!"

That’s how Quiltique started. Mike and Lori took their machines to Symposium 2001 in New Plymouth and people started buying the machines.

In 2010, after being a long-standing customer of Quiltique, I took over the business. As well as supplying Nolting machines, I also continue to operate my long standing quilting service.

Jenny Allen, Director, Quiltique


How Quiltique can help you with Longarm Machine Quilting

Quiltique offers:

  • A professional quilting service to home and industry.
  • Suppliers of Hinterberg Stretch frames for our home models
  • Suppliers of general long-arm accessories - see our stock list.