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Q’nique 21 Pro Quilting Machine

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The Q'nique 21 Pro quilting machine steps above regular longarm machines to deliver you the capabilities of a professional machine

Its faster stitching capacity, incredibly smooth guidance, simple user controls, and vibration reducing design will astound you.
All at a price you can afford.

The machine is designed to reduce vibration, for the smoothest quilting experience. Our track and carriage system offers the best stitch quality and design. The 21 Pro glides across the frame easily while giving the user unmatched comfort and stitch control.

  • 21 inch throat space
  • Built-in stitch regulation
  • Full-color user friendly touch screen
  • Enhanced motor capable of 2,600 SPM
  • Adjustable handles/Micro handles
  • Positionable hopping foot
  • LED needle lights
  • Built-in automatic bobbin winder