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Quiltique Extended Throat Plates

Introducing the Quiltique Extended Throat Plates for Commercial and Home Models


Balance your rulers and templates on more surface than provided by the top surface of the machine arm. Many quilters regard the extended throat plate as the most useful tool in the trade. Quiltique has come up with its own versions for Nolting machines.

Commercial Machines

Made of sturdy aluminium plate and requiring just two bolts to secure it to your machine, the Quiltique Extended Throat Plate is easily detached when not needed. It provides a level platform 30cm wide by 20cm deep (12" x 8") to balance your tools on while you work. The right and left edges are rolled down so the plate won’t jam on your pony clamps at those critical moments when you’re sewing close to the edge. The dimensions will accomodate the IntelliQuilter side motor.

The following photo essay describes how to attach it to your Nolting machine.

You will need to position the platform level with the top of the machine. Do this by letting the small tab at the front of the plate nestle into position at the front of the machine. This may leave a 3-4mm gap between plate and the front edge of the machine. Now use your pony clamps to secure something flat - like a wide plastic template - level across the top surface of the throat of the machine to each side of the platform. The plate is predrilled. Use a spirit marker in these holes to fix the places on each side where you will need to drill holes.


Your drill will remain on course if you first of all use a centre punch and/or drill a pilot hole with a smaller bit - say 3mm (1/8"). The finished hole should be 6mm (15/64"). You will need to remove the burrs from the back of the holes before securing the plate with the 6mm bolts and wingnuts supplied. Once the holes are in place, putting the throat plate on or taking it off is easy.

Extended Throat Plates for the FunQuilter

One of the things that makes your FunQuilter unique is the fact that its needle comes down in an ever-so-slightly different position from the next FunQuilter’s needle. This explains why there is no needle hole supplied with your new extended throat plate. YOU get to position it precisely where it is needed by following these easy steps:

1. Remove standard plate
2. Replace with new plate, tightening screws until the plate sits firmly in place
3. Using the thumbwheel drive the needle down to make a visible pock mark
4. Remove the new plate
5. Use a hammer and centre punch or a brad awl to accurately deepen the pock mark to a size where you are confident the supplied drill bit will not slip off centre
6. Drill a hole through the plate and de-burr both sides of it
7. Re-fit the plate and check that the needle does indeed pass through the centre of it.