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Dismounting Your Nolting from its Table

There are four steps to this process ... BUT FIRST: DISCONNECT THE POWER

  1. Extract the telephone jack from the rear encoder (press clear plastic clip on the side) 
  2. Unscrew the cover plate of the on/off switch and separate the push-together connector inside
  3. Using a quilting pin or similar ease apart the cheeks of the last and second-last links of the energy chain. The last link is an anchor block that is firmly attached to the trolley where it should remain. Grasping the chain further up and twisting it should separate the links at the anchor block. The freed chain may be laid out straight along the throat space and tucked behind the needle bar.
  4. Partially extract the removable axle pin from the left end of the cloth roller - enough to be able to lift the roller out and slide it off the fixed axle at the other end then remove it from the throat space of the machine. The machine is now free to roll off its carriage. Use a rubber band to capture the side encoder wheel as it emerges from the trolley track and hook the rubber band over the track lock on the right side of the machine. This will protect the delicate encoder from knocks.
  5. In replacing the machine on the trolley the reverse steps apply. When you come to reconnect the energy chain it is a good idea to lead the encoder wire back under the chain to stop it interferring with the back axle.