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Comparison Between PRO & 2KN Machines

The basic sewing machine is much the same in either case - the only exception of note being the height-adjustable handles. Also - they’re putting a bigger stronger more reliable motor in the 24" machines these days - but that’s just an evolution thing. On this website you will see exactly the handles that the 2KN has - mounted on the FunQuilter. They are quite functional - we thought it a tiny step backwards when Nolting provided the new handles in response to market perception. It just went to show that buyers are not always right but ... if that’s what they’ve got to do to sell machines then they gotta do it.

The major difference between the PRO and the 2KN comes down to the technology of the stitch regulator. The PRO is truly amazing. 2KN’s will still do the job - even IS-98’s will do the job - it’s just that each generation of stitch regulator expands the horizons in terms of more features and improved technology.

The most obvious feature is that the PRO has a set of controls at each end. The 2KN has one panel in the middle of the neck.

The PRO has dynamic braking. This means that with slow to medium stitching speeds, the mechanical energy of the up-stroke is converted into a reverse electric current that can be used to slow the needle as it comes up. The stitching is extremely crisp as more energy can be put into the downstroke without the fear of needle over-run ... which was a concern to many users of the 2KN but it is manageable.

As a machine warms up or the sewing conditions change (eg new quilt) you may feel the need to adjust any quilting machine. Needle over-run is at one end of the spectrum and hook not releasing thread is at the other end. The PRO can self-adjust. Oddly enough, one needs to push pretty much the same buttons to manually adjust the 2KN - it’s just that the PRO takes over at a certain point and eliminates a potential "trialling" phase that you may have to go through with the 2KN. You learn to tell when it’s right if you’re doing it manually. Most people don’t bother but it’s not hard - 10 seconds is all it takes once you get your head around it.

The 2KN has a "precision quilting" (PQ) mode which you can enter by double-clicking the start button. This essentially reduces the power to the motor and makes for smoother, quieter stitching at slow speeds. If you start moving the machine too fast in PQ mode the motor cannot keep up at 1/3 power and the stitch gets too long beyond a certain point. In the PRO this PQ mode is embodied in the slow stitching sequence - you don’t need to enter it specifically because slow stitching is automatically done at appropriate power. As you speed up the power is increased automatically to maintain the stitch length.

These would be the main points of difference between the two stitch regulators. The PRO also offers a stippling mode (about 16 to the inch) and no-stick basting stroke where the needle is in and out of the cloth very quickly to minimise needle flex when basting. Both units are programmable to set top speeds, calibrate stitch length, adjust needle end positions and alter the power that drives the needle.