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Quilting 101

Listing of Topics Covered when we deliver and install a machine

These headings formed the basis of a course presented by Lori at the Wellington Symposium in 2009.

  1. Squaring and size of backing relative to top.
  2. Centering of backing
  3. Pinning on (backing upside down)
  4. Threading path
  5. Needles (135x5 – 20/18/16/14)
  6. Bobbin winding – thumbnail test
  7. Seating bobbin in bobbin case
  8. Bobbin tension – drop test
  9. Top tension – fishing line, pokies, eyelashes
  10. Starting, stopping, restarting – direction of movement
  11. Use of controls – regulated, unregulated
  12. Meander/stipple
  13. Patterns – lining up laser, repeats, suppliers
  14. Winding on – height of rear roller, use of pony clamps
  15. Use of templates
  16. Backgrounds
  17. Freehand
    Scrap fabrics. Alternate threads. Aim for control

    Practice Programme
    a.  Meander – smooth, even stitch length. Vary stitch length
         Regulated/ unregulated. Practice stopping and starting

    b.  Continuous Line patterns – relax, guide – do not force
         - follow pattern until comfortable
         - Repeat, repeat, repeat
         - nb. Interlocking, R to L movement (stitch formation)
         - suggested patterns
         - use reg. until comfortable, and then change to unreg
         - Continuous Line plus accuracy. Reality check
         - Continuous Line extension – front of machine embellishment
         - Using plastic over panto
    c.  Templates – Straight – square, oblong, triangle, diamond, SID
         - Curve – applique, circle, oval
         - Special effects

    d.  Freehand – direction changes
        - Terry’s twist – straight, arc, loop, s-curve, hook.
        - Practice movement, then movement plus accuracy.
        - Straight
        - Arc
        - Loop
        - S-curve
        - Hook

        Feathers, leaves, swirls, etc. – become features, background
        - require practice so you don’t get lost
        - use reg. stitch, then try in unreg

  19. Silicone – thread, material, tracks
  20. Morning routine – warming up, wiping of tracks and wheels
  21. Evening routine – cleaning and oiling
  22. Needle changing
  23. Transformer – turn off



Keryn Emmerson pattern packs.
I’ve Got a Longarm. DVD by Mindy Casperson.
Longarm Machine Quilting by Carol Thelan.
Ultimate Guide to Longarm Quilting by Linda Taylor.