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Quiltique Zipper System

Quiltique zippers are colour-coded to help you by removing ambiguity over what gets zipped to what. The recommended method of attaching will allow you to zip your leaders together to help keep them from stretching unevenly when the machine is not in use.

Colouring scheme:
BLACK for the BACK
TAUPE for the TOP
GREEN for the stitched cloth (didn’t remind us of any particular colour)

You can order a machine set which comes as three complete zippers. One side of each zip is attached to one of your leaders.

Our standard length is 325cm. If you require a different length it should be no longer than the length your machine can sew on your table otherwise you may have trouble attaching it.

You can order a quilt set which comes as three half-zippers. These will be the sides that your work gets pinned to. Upon supply WE ASSUME that you have attached your machine set according to the following instructions. In a quilt set you get:

  • The non-slider side of the green (cloth) zipper
  • The slider sides of the black (back) and taupe (top) zippers


Instructions for Attaching Quiltique Zips:

Undo each of the three machine set zips. Put aside the non-slider side of the green zip and the slider sides of the taupe and black zips. These will be what you will pin your quilts to later.

Viewing your table from the rear (panto side) of the machine, the SLIDER SIDE of the green zip should be pinned and sewn straight and centrally onto the leading edge of the cloth (take-up) leader. Your machine with tracklock set is ideal for this job. You may find it helpful to use your pony clamps to keep both zip and leader flat and evenly tensioned.

Zip the black non-slider side to the green slider side you have just attached. This will ensure the zips line up as you come to zip your leaders together when the machine is not in use. Using pony clamps as before, pin and sew the black side to the backing roller. Unzip.

Repeat last process for the taupe non-slider side.

If you are going to sew sacrificial pinning strips to your quilt set, we recommend zipping them to their counterparts before pinning and sewing. If sewn at different tensions there could be a risk of the zips jamming.