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Useful Tools

Someone commented the other day... maybe on the other list... that they couldn’t do something on their machine because their DH wasn’t home and had his tools with him. It happened once that I couldn’t find a tool and I went out and got my OWN things. Here’s what I have in my tool drawer...

  • A short handled screw driver
  • A longer screw driver
  • An old toothbrush
  • A magnifying glass (for checking to make sure it’s all set right when timing)
  • A set of jeweler’s files (various sizes of small, thin files)
  • Very fine emery paper – 180-grit max
  • Three fingernail emery boards of different roughness
  • A set of imperial allen head wrenches – ensure there is a 9/64”
  • A set of small crescent wrenches
  • Needle nosed pliers
  • One regular sized pliers 

I seldom need to use any of this stuff (except for the short screw driver I use for changing needles) but it’s mine and if I need it, it’s right there. On those rare occasions that I need them, I’m in no mood to go searching for tools.

Also in that drawer I have two extra bobbin cases, an extra check spring, a spare tension spring, and a little white thing that I don’t know what it is but am afraid to throw it away.