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Q’nique Quilting Machine 14+

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Many of the features that you would expect from our bigger machines, but with a truly affordable price tag.

The Q’nique can be supplied as a complete package including frame, or on it’s own if you already have a Grace Frame.

For over 25 years the Grace Company has been the leading manufacturer of high quality quilting frames and quilting accessories. Now we are pleased to announce a revolutionary new quilting machine, designed to take your quilting experience to a whole new level! This machine is the perfect mid-arm quilting machine for the quilting enthusiast. It has been crafted and includes all of the high-end long-arm features you love into a truly affordable quilting machine.

Technical specifications

  • 15” Throat Space
  • Physical dimensions: Length 23", height 18", width 15.5", tower height 11.25", weight 42 pounds.
  • Extended work area: Length 15", height 8.5"
  • Built-in stitch regulation
  • 6 Bright LED needle lights
  • 6 quick-access handle buttons
  • Easy-change bobbin case
  • Built-in bobbin winder motor
  • Dual-cone thread holders
  • Commercial grade aluminum body
  • Screen Menus and Settings: Start/Stop, minimum SPI, move needle up or down, four stitch modes (Precise - stitch regulated, cruise - stitch regulated, baste - stitch regulated, manual - manual speed), needle stop position (up/down), stitch-Per-Inch (SPI) (baste length, or sewing speed).
  •  Preference settings: Set default stitch mode, turn “over-speed-beep” on/off, standard or metric measurements, change handle controls between left and right handed
  • Tools settings: Machine diagnostics, system info, stitching time

Sewing specs

  • Maximum sewing speed: 1,800 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • Stitches Per Inch: 7-15 SPI
  • Built-in stitch regulation: 3 regulated modes; precise, cruise, and baste
  • Manual speed control
  • Over-Speed-Warning (Warns when movement is too fast for current stitch regulation settings)
  • Needle threading system: Manual dual thread tension

Other specs

  • Bobbin-type: M-Class bobbin
  • Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC
  • Power consumption: 300W Max.
  • LCD power save: LCD shuts off after 15 minutes of non-use
  • Screen language: English
  • Optional accessory power ports: 4

Included With Each Q’nique Quilter

  • Front Handles
  • 1x LCD Screen
  • 1x Free Motion Quilting Foot
  • 10x Quilting Machine Needles
  • 1x Bobbin Case
  • 3x M-Class Bobbins
  • 1x Thread Mast
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Sewing Machine Oil
  • 1x Lint Brush
  • 2x Encoders and encoder cables
  • Screwdriver and Allen wrenches

Available Accessories

  • Rear handles
  • Laser stylus
  • Ruler base
  • Bobbins
  • Bobbin case
  • Quiting machine needles
  • Start-Right cloth leaders
  • Grace Plastic Pattern Perfect™
  • Quilt Motion with Quilter’s
  • Creative Touch Software

Laser Stylus: The Q’nique Laser Stylus is the easiest way to trace patterns or pantographs while quilting on a machine quilting frame. Just attach the laser stylus to the Q’nique Quilting Machine, and position it to trace the desired pattern! The laser can be attached to the front or rear handles, or even on the bottom of the machine, using the included adapter between the wheels.

Ruler Base: Use quilting rulers, guides, and templates with your Q’nique Quilter by adding
this ruler base to your quilting machine. It adds a level, sturdy extension to the base of your quilting machine when using a quilting frame. The ruler base is very easy to attach and remove.

Rear Handles: Double the ways you can quilt with your Grace Q’nique by adding rear handles! These let you work from the back of the machine on a quilting frame, and are a must-have item if you wish to follow pantograph patterns or the Plastic Pattern Perfect™ templates from the back of the quilting machine.

Other accessories available for the sewing machine: Quilting machine needles, Bobbins, Bobbin case.

Other accessories available for the quilting frame: Cloth leaders, Plastic Pattern Perfect™, Quilt Clips, Fourth rail for Q’nique 14+ frame, Quilter’s Creative Touch with QuiltMotion.

To find out more, contact Quiltique and we will come back to you with more information on our range of Nolting Quilting Machines.